ARBEIT focuses on productive investment opportunities in a number of diversified economic sectors, participating in sustainable ventures as an investor as well as a change management operator.

Operations started as far as ten years ago, in 1998 and, since, has been extensively growing. Today, ARBEIT is a Group of Companies that has been spreading its activities throughout the entire country, always bringing its principles and values upfront: truth, business ethics, real partnership, total engagement to sustainable development policies, fully open to dialogue.

Some characteristics that label ARBEIT: its flexibility and capacity to adapt to changes, pioneering into innovations and even adopting changes in the social, political, economic, cultural, environmental and technological fields.


Originally created to render strategic and financial consulting services to International Groups willing to build up new industrial facilities in Brazil, ARBEIT enlarged its scope and opened to render additional services in the field of companies restructuring.

Subsequently, it began to work as an invetsor, buying stocks in the industrial, energy fields and real estate development, - creating new business opportunities in different areas.. For that, it analyses stockholdings acquisitions in areas considered a priority (for its potential growth and/or market), using various analysis tools and sophisticated financial structuring.

It also develops new enterprises in partnership with innovative technology holders, generating value in all activities in which participates.

Areas of Activities

ARBEIT today, structured in different business units, manages and controls several companies that directly employ over 1.500 people, in the following areas:

• Energy
• Real Estate
• Mergers & Acquisitions
• Financial Management


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